Kate MacEwan

Project Manager & International Business Development, Western EcoSystems Technology Inc. (WEST)

Kate is a SACNASP registered Zoologist and Environmental Scientist. She has over 22 years of zoological and environmental experience in a variety of business and development sectors, predominantly the renewable energy sector. Kate is the current chairperson for the South African Bat Assessment Association (SABAA) and the lead / co-author of the current South African Best Practice Guidelines for bat monitoring studies at WEF developments during pre-construction (MacEwan et al. 2020), operations (Aronson et al. 2020) and the Bat Fatality Threshold guidelines (MacEwan et al. 2018).

Kate has recently been employed by WEST in the US to broaden their international footprint and partner with Inkululeko Wildlife Services (IWS) to offer a comprehensive and world class service to Africa and other emerging markets. WEST, an environmental and statistical consulting firm, has successfully worked for stakeholders involved in renewable energy issues, including government agencies, industry, consultants, utilities, and conservation organizations. The most significant of these has been and continues to be wildlife studies to support commercial wind and solar energy development. WEST has conducted over 4500 wildlife studies in support of wind and solar energy throughout North and South America. IWS is a leading ecological consulting company in southern Africa, having conducted 40 pre-construction and 10 operational long-term bat and avian monitoring studies for wind energy facilities in southern Africa.