Izak van der Merwe


Izak has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Stellenbosch University which he obtained in 1991 and he is a registered Professional Engineer with the Engineering Council of South Africa. At the start of his career he joined Eskom and spent 13 years with Eskom during which time he obtained valuable power system and power system protection and operations experience. In 2005 he started working as a consultant until 2013 when he entered the construction industry where he has been working until March of 2021. During his time with the consulting firms EON Consulting and Hatch, he obtained valuable experience in the renewable energy field which he could apply in his role in the construction industry. During his time in the construction industry, he has been working on more than 15 wind farm projects forming part of the REIPPP Programme at various project execution stages. Since 2008 he has been involved in at least 40 of the Round 1 to 4 REIPPPP projects. In April of 2021 he started his own consultancy and continues to be involved in the Renewable Industry in South Africa.