Dr Gregory S Poulos

CEO, Principal Atmospheric Scientist, ArcVera Renewables

Dr. Poulos is a co-founder of ArcVera Renewables, a global independent services firm with a 40 year history and expertise in wind, solar, and storage, technology, engineering, analysis for transactions, and atmospheric science.  Greg has personally completed detailed energy analysis for over 10,000-MW of operating turbines and solar panels.  The ArcVera team is actively working on more than 30,000-MW of wind and solar nameplate capacity worldwide.

From 1993 to 2007 Greg was an entrepreneurial company founder; scientific researcher; field experimentalist; and leader at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the National Center for Atmospheric Research.  His start-up company in 1999 was called Foresight Weather; it provided high-resolution real-time weather forecasts to load forecasters and energy traders.

He is the first author of 10 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and an author of an additional 18 peer-reviewed scientific publications and 87 other scientific and technical works.