Chris Adendorff

Senior Futurist and Professor at International School of Management (France)

Chris Adendorff is a Senior Futurist and Professsor at International School of Management (France), Ecole Des Ponts Business School (France), University of Johannesburg as well as Trinity University (USA) and MD of various entrepreneurial ventures in South Africa, Greece and England. He has been a family business entrepreneur since 1985 and, along with his Professional Futurist Architect wife, Dr. Gillian Adendorff, built up their family business to such a degree that they are currently both active nationally and internationally. Prof. Adendorff holds 3 Doctoral degrees: a PhD in Commerce from Rhodes University, a Doctoral of Business Administration in Future Studies from NMU and a PhD in Development Studies from Trinity University in the USA. Prof. Adendorff also holds 2 Master’s Degrees namely Masters in Commerce obtained from Rhodes University and a MPhil (cum laude) in Futures Studies obtained from Stellenbosch University.

As a professional Futurist, he specialises in Futures Studies, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Scenario and Strategic Planning, Governance and Turnaround Strategies and lectures and promotes Futures Studies, Foresight for Development and Entrepreneurship at various Universities and organisations around the globe. Prof. Adendorff has successfully promoted 46 Doctoral studies and more than 170 Masters Research efforts to date. Prof. Adendorff currently also consults with various national governments and local municipalities in South Africa and as well as abroad on their Strategic Foresight Initiatives, the 4IR and turnaround strategies. He is also the author of: The Future of South Africa towards 2050. Prof. Adendorff also serves on the Presidential Advisory commission for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in South Africa.

To date, Prof. Adendorff has written a further 11 books and published over 100 articles in national and international journals on Future Studies, Technological Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Culture, Governance, Foresight and Innovation, Strategic Management, Demographics, Systems Management as well as Turnaround Strategies. Prof. Adendorff has also delivered around 500 strategic presentations and television talk shows internationally. He further serves on the Boards of the World Future Studies Federation (USA), the International Association of Futurists (Finland), the International Association of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (UK), the International Association of Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (USA), Global Futures Institute, as well as the Board of the Interscience Publishers Ltd (UK).

Amongst other affiliations, Prof. Adendorff is a member of Development Consultants for Africa, Future Trends Network (USA), Future in Review (UN), Global Foresight (USA), International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy (USA), International Network of Socio-Eco Entrepreneurs (INSE), International Scenario, Future and Strategy Group (USA), Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics Practitioners Global Network (USA), The Philosophy Network (UK), the world acclaimed Lifeboat Association (USA) as well as the World Future Society . He serves as Chairperson of the Board of Aspire Development AgencyaswellasaBoardmemberoftheNationalElectronicMediaInstituteofSouthAfrica; committee member of various other non-profit organizations in South Africa, England, Canada, USA and Greece.

Prof. Adendorff is driven by the conviction that negative outcomes are not inevitable and that it is possible to shape our future as future makers, based on the choices we make at critical branching points in the present.