Student Online Application Form 2022










  • 1. The undersigned agrees to partake in all prearranged activities of the sponsorship programme. 2. The undersigned commits to contribute to the success of the conference. 3. The undersigned understands that SAWEA has the right to cancel the sponsorship if the applicant provided incorrect or false information or documentation on his/her application or if he/she fails to provide documentation needed. 4. The undersigned acknowledges that the travel expenses covered by the sponsorship are the flight costs to Cape Town only – travels to and from the airport of departure are not covered by the sponsorship. 5. The undersigned acknowledges that there is no daily allowance included in the sponsorship. 6. The undersigned agrees for the conference organisers to share their personal details and application package with the student sponsorship sponsors. 7. The undersigned agrees for the conference organisers and sponsors to make use of footage including the applicant’s photos or videos for marketing purposes around the sponsorship programme. 8. The undersigned agrees to stay in shared accommodation for the duration of the conference if not residing in the greater Cape Town area. We will ensure that females and males have separate dorms. 9. The undersigned confirms that she/he has made contact with the financial aid office of her/his university to check eligibility for student travel aid and/or conference support. Also, please be advised that if the applicant is eligible for travel and/or conference grants through an existing scholarship programme (e.g. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Scholarships RSES) she/he will not receive sponsorship through the WindAc programme.