In a bid to promote health and wellness within the Loeriesfontein community, a community gymnasium has been piloted at the Loeriesfontein Hub. The pilot project, which has been well received by the community, saw some minor interior and exterior upgrades being undertaken in a section of the hub.  These upgrades were undertaken by local contractors, in order to create a fit-for-purpose fitness centre.

A South African based Trust, dedicated to community development, Genesis Trust, oversaw the project and has provided training, mentoring and support to the management team, all of whom are local community members. The services of a local company, Essay General Traders, were contracted to undertake the building upgrades.

“The gymnasium provides a welcoming environment where individuals can truly be themselves. As more young people join the gymnasium, the likelihood of them succumbing to alcohol and drug-related issues decreases. Our dedicated staff have witnessed individuals arriving at the gymnasium feeling tired and down, only to leave as improved versions of themselves after their sessions. The gymnasium not only promotes physical development but also fosters mental well-being,” said Mathew Beukes, Gymnasium Manager.

The goal is to expand the gym and create more job and business opportunities, particularly for the youth.  The plan includes a full package of support around the management of a gym facility. Other exciting possibilities, over the short-term, is to expand the gym into a Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC) that caters for broader community activities and amenities.

“The Loeriesfontein community gymnasium provides the community with access to a high-quality fitness facility, indirectly promoting healthy lifestyles,” explained Vanessa Fredericks, Economic Development Manager for Loeriesfontein and Khobab Wind Farms.

Open to all residents of Loeriesfontein, the gymnasium is fully equipped with a range of equipment, including spinning bikes, squat racks, row machines, benches, weight machines, and free weights, medicine balls, battle ropes, and much more.





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