A social support campaign, aimed at assisting individuals within the Loeriesfontein community struggling with substance abuse, was launched recently. The campaign endeavours to promote and encourage community members to lead positive, drug-free lives so they can become productive and responsible members of society.

Funded by the Loeriesfontein and Khobab Wind Farms, in collaboration with SANCA (South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence), this holistic campaign offers tailored treatment services to prevent and manage substance abuse, while promoting a safe and drug-free environment.

“We believe in investing in our community’s well-being, and we are proud to have funded this anti-substance abuse campaign. Our goal is to discourage substance abuse by educating community members about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, as well as motivating for prevention and rehabilitation,” said Vanessa Fredericks, Economic Development Manager for Loeriesfontein and Khobab Wind Farms.

As part of the campaign, a ‘Strengthening Family Programme’ (SFP) was introduced, which is an evidence-based intervention that has been shown to significantly prevent alcohol and drug addiction among 10 to 14-year-old adolescents when properly implemented.

Facilitated by three qualified SANCA trainers, the SFP sessions took place at the Loeriesfontein Hub, with 11 families from the community participating. The sessions focused on reducing family-related risk factors among adolescent children and their caregivers; helping parents and caregivers learn nurturing skills that support their children; teaching effective discipline and guidance; and giving the youth a healthy future orientation and increased appreciation for their caregivers. The programme also taught the participating youth skills for dealing with stress and peer pressure.

“We are proud to have joined forces with the Loeriesfontein community to combat substance abuse, empower families and inspire positive transformations. Together, we exceeded expectations with engaging sessions, enthusiastic participation, and an incredible 90% attendance rate. We were also able to overcome obstacles and make a lasting impact,” stated Nicolene Andries, Social Work Manager for SANCA.






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