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SAWEA welcomes you to the fourth international academic wind energy conference – WindAc Africa 2021! After a two-year break, the South African Wind Energy Association is excited to announce the return of the Windac Africa Conference.  The theme for this year’s conference is: “All things Wind Energy”.

Windac Africa was launched in 2016 and created a platform for the academic community to present their work, as well as share and exchange ideas. We could not have chosen a better year to relaunch the WindAc Conference, 2021 is a year of change in the wind energy sector.

The renewable energy market in SA is once again opened, as the Minister of Mineral Resources & Energy announced the opening of Bid Window 5 and 6 during 2021,  with the installed capacity of almost 2.5 GW already operational and an additional 800MW in final stages of construction, the South African wind industry has certainly grown and ready to expand its growth into the next decade. Following the approval of the IRP 2019 about a year ago, which allocates 1.6 GW per annum from 2022 to 2030 to wind energy, we now have a clear path for procurement of additional new generation capacity clearly outlined in the Section 34 Ministerial Determination that was gazetted in September 2020.

As we gear up to deliver 14.4GW of wind power by 2030, a period that promises to be an unprecedented growth of the wind energy industry in South Africa, we have to reflect on our state of readiness, to deliver this capacity. Readiness in terms of availability of investment capital, skills availability, land availability, grid access, operational excellency, and investment in local supply chain development to support this growth phase. We will be looking to the academic community to unpack and analyse all these questions.

With Windac Africa Conference we aim to create a knowledge exchange platform in which dialogues between experienced researchers, motivated students and wind industry practitioners can take place for the benefit of the wind industry growth.

The WindAc 2021 programme is based on papers selected through rigorous peer review and final selection by a scientific advisory panel. The selected range of papers are geared toward sharing contemporary knowledge for an integrated approach to research in achieving a successful power transition away from Coal and towards a greater share of renewables.

We look forward to welcoming you to WindAc 2021!

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The EnergyDRIVE 2021 will take place on the 01st of September to the 23rd of September 2021. The journey will start in the Eastern Cape visiting several schools, and head down to the Western Cape and Northern Cape visiting schools, Wind Farms as well as Solar Farms along the route.


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